I give thanks for:

My Life and my Wife, Linda Jo.  I list them together because they are interconnected in a fashion, as to not be distinguishable, one from the other.

My Daughter(step), Monica.  Who has redefined, for me, the words “joy and pride”

My Mom, Elisabeth.  From whose womb this life’s journey began.  Without whose love, understanding, and guidance, this destination would not be met.

My Sisters and Brothers, Linda Alice, Keith, Arthur, Amy-jo, Jenni-ann, and Lisabette-sue.  They are a cadre of love, not always spoken, but always felt.

My Family, no longer physically with me, but permanent residents in my heart.

My Friends, far too many to list.  Who, just by being there, have insulated me from a cold world, with the warmth of their love.

My acquaintances, people I’ve met along this path of life.  Who have touched and shaped me in profound ways.

My GOD, for all of the above, and above all, for being GOD.

*          *          *          *          *

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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