DeclarativeUsa is a platform for discussion.  I started this site to give and gain perspectives, about the events, past and present that involves us, and to use these perspectives as possible predictors of what may come.

All topics are on the table here.  From topical and timely, to reflective muse and memories, if the subject is about life and living, I want to discuss it here.

Your comments are very much a part of, even essential, to this discussion.  This forum is also open to those who would like to become contributors and offer their independent perspectives (all subject to moderation).  So use the comment section, on each post, to respond to the topics, or contact me at about becoming a guest contributor.

The Greek philosopher Protagoras once said:  “Let us hold our discussion together in our own persons, making trial of the truth and of ourselves.”

So let the discussions begin.

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