Tomorrow being Thanksgiving Day, I would like to share this thought.  I hope you enjoy it.


First among the things to be thankful for is a thankful spirit.  Some people would grumble at the accommodations in Heaven if they ever got there.  They take their blessings here so much as a matter of course, that even a day of general thanksgiving once in a year is more than they feel any need of.  And if their personal blessings in any measure fail, gratitude for what they have had or still enjoy is the last thing they think of.  Another class really desire to be thankful, but they are  naturally despondent.  Their sky is as dark with clouds as though a special “Old Probabilities” were employed to keep it full.  They go through the world in a deprecating spirit, hoping things may turn out well yet fearing for the worst.  We always feel glad for this class when Thanksgiving Day comes around.  They then have an official warrant for gratitude,  If their own hearts do not formulate blessings, they can listen to the sermon, or look to the President’s proclamation.

How different with the thankful heart!  What a gift it is to be born with an outlook toward the bright side of things!  And if not so by nature, what a triumph of grace to be made thankful through a renewed heart!  It is so much more comfortable and rational to see what we have to be thankful for and to rejoice accordingly, than to have our vision forever filled with our lacks and our needs.  Happy are they who possess this gift?   Blessings may fail and fortunes vary, but the thankful heart remains.  The Happy past, at least, is secure–and Heaven is ahead.

(attributed to “Golden Rule”)

(This passage was taken from the collection “Leaves of Gold,” edited by Clyde Francis Lytle.)

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