Depending on which poll is being discussed, it’s being stated that one in six Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim, and only one in four believe him to be a Protestant.  At this point in his professional and elected life, to have to defend who he is, to be challenged about his beliefs, is just lunacy.  That one in six, and the one in four, well, they have a problem.  Honesty!  These people should just come out of the closet and admit their prejudices.

By his support of same-sex marriages he could not be a muslim, and they know that.

By his inclusion of private insurance in the affordable healthcare act he could not be a socialist, and they know that.

By his long association with the Baptist church and his confession of faith ( not to anyone but God and Jesus matters), he is to be considered a Christian, and they know that.

By the documented evidence of his birth, in Hawaii, he is a citizen of the United States of America, and they know that.

By almost 10,000,000 votes, with largest vote total in American history (69,446,897 votes) he was elected POTUS, and they know that.

As Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces he has reduced the threat to the US from groups like al-Quada, and they know that.

His administration navigated this country from depths of recession, to a stable state, to a beginning recovery, and they know that.

This done, in spite of stated and documented attempts to thwart him, even at the expense of said recovery, and they know this, also.

Their prejudices are feeding their fears and their fears are preventing them from accepting who he is and what he has done for the USA.

They know it, they might as well admit it.

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