The Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association’s Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee has completed it’s ratings of judicial candidates for the Wayne County 2012 election cycle.

Of the candidates for 36th District Court judge, Doug Monds has been rated “OUTSTANDING,” the highest rating available from the committee.

Quoting from their site:

” To be rated “Outstanding,” an individual must stand at the top of his or her profession.  He or she must rank among the very best qualified judges or lawyers available for judicial service.  This candidate must have outstanding legal ability and background, as well as wide experience, wisdom, intellect, insight, and impartiality.  To be accorded the highest rating, a candidate should generally have the breadth of vision and outlook that derives from participation in civic, religious, charitable or political organizations of the community, and the work of the organized bar or other professional associations.  In short, each should be a person whose preeminence in the law and as a citizen is widely acknowledged and whose qualifications are virtually hailed by judges and lawyers.”

It should be noted that “only” Doug, of the 10 candidates on the ballot for 36th District Court, received this rating:

36th District Court, Non-Incumbent

6 Year Term (2 positions)

The 36th District Court needs Doug Monds.  The City of Detroit needs Doug Monds.  Be sure to vote in the primary election August 7, 2012.

Be sure to vote for Doug Monds!

Learn more at:

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