I ran across this from an article on yesterdays “dailycaller.com” site:

A woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight Wednesday for wearing a shirt with the slogan “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d fuck a senator.”

You wouldn’t believe some of the comments I’ve seen and heard, particularly from some of our “friends” on the right, about that shirt.  They are so offended by it, so enraged.

You would have thought [that] this lady had done something horribly wrong, instead of “exercising her 1st amendment rights to free speech.”  (I only say that because that’s where the “con’s” retreat [to] whenever they do or say something radical or over the top.)

Oh the morality, oh the morality.

Okay, I’ll admit that the T-shirt is over the top (no pun intended) and profane. But, how is this so offensive and trans-vaginal ultrasounds, are not?

Unnecessary forced ultrasounds that are an unnecessary financial burden to both women and insurers. Unnecessary forced ultrasounds that serve only to interfere with a legal right, a constitutional right, affirmed by the Supreme Court, that should guarantee a woman’s freedom to choose her reproductive destiny.

How is this so offensive and a group of men sitting, in forum, discussing women’s reproductive freedoms and rights, with no dissenting women allowed, is not?

The effects, upon viewing the T-shirt could be troubling to some, parents of young children, people of generations not accustom to such public displays, but the effects of this assault on women’s rights is more than troubling, it’s “outright outrageous.”

So, don’t let your “righteous rage” stop at the shirt. In fact, if that rage was directed properly, then the shirt would be as unnecessary as the ultrasounds.

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