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So the Romney team wants to debate the difference between “outsourcing and offshoring.”  Does it really matter?

“A distinction without a difference is a type of argument where one word or phrase is preferred to another, but results in no difference to the argument as a whole.” (Wikipedia)

One can argue the definitions and nuances of the words, but the meanings, in this particular context, are the same. So, also, are the outcomes. American’s are losing jobs and communities are losing revenue as a result of these job losses.

The loss of revenue results in the loss of services available to the communities. These communities are made up of real people.  Family’s.    Family’s that are left to fend for themselves, feed their children, pay their mortgages, plan for theirs, and their children’s, futures.

Without jobs the people are unable to support their local businesses and schools.  Unable to support their police and fire services.  Unable to support one another through their churches and charities.  Without these things the communities, and the people in them, will fail.

The automobile companies found out, the hard way in the early 70’s,that people without jobs do not buy cars. My hope is [that] our american industries, and politicians, don’t have to re-learn that lesson.

Working people pay their own way, pay their “fair share” of taxes, and build their lives and their communities together.

I know that I’ve posted this quote before, but, “Each time history repeats itself, the price goes up.” (Author Unknown)

As frustrating as it is, between now and the election, I will probably have to post it again, and again, and again……!